Our Services


Our services include index consultancy, index design, index calculation and dissemination, and index education.

If you are interested in having your own index, but still wondering whether your idea is feasible or not, then please come to us for consultancy. Our professional team will help you to analyze your ideas and visions and see if they are feasible for indexing

If your idea is suitable for an index, then our operation team and tech team can help you with the design of a professional methodology paper, as well as the data system to calculate and disseminate the index

We also provide education services. If you would like your employees to learn more about the indexes, we can offer you courses on indexes for you, taught by industry experts

Besides, in order to create products linked to a particular index in IX Asia Indexes, licensing in IX Asia Index Company Limited is required. For licensing, product specification and sample data files, please contact licensing@ix-index.com.

我們的服務包括指數顧問、指數設計、指數計算和發佈,以及指數教育。 如果您對創造自己的指數有興趣,但不清楚是否可行,您可以向我們尋求顧問咨詢。我們的專業團隊將幫助您分析您的想法和願景,並瞭解該指數是否可行。



此外,在建立與信昇亞洲指數中的特定指數相關的產品時,需要獲得信昇亞洲指數公司的許可。如果您對獲得許可,指數產品規格和示例數據文件感興趣,請聯繫 licensing@ix-index.com