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IX Asia Indexes Limited Enters into a Partnership with.
BIGG Digital Assets Inc. Subsidiary Blockchain Intelligence Group

HONG KONG, VANCOUVER, May 20, 2020 - IX Asia Indexes Limited ("IXA") is pleased to announced today that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with BIGG Digital Assets Inc. ("BIGG" or the "Company")(CSE: BIGG; OTCQB: BBKCF; WKN: A2PS9W), owner of Blockchain Intelligence Group ("BIG"), a leading developer of Blockchain technology search, risk-scoring and data analytics solutions. The incorporation of these tools will offer powerful digital asset Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Financing or Terrorism (CFT) solutions to IX Asia and be able to pass them on to the consumer in the creation of a safe and compliant customer experience. Products include BitRank® and QLUE.

IX Asia Indexes Limited Director, Irene OL Wong commented, "Fintech technology continues to advance, so does the pace of new cybersecurity risks especially around crypto transactions. By partnering with Blockchain Intelligence Group, IX Asia anticipated to provide solutions to today's digital asset management AML and security education.

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Take all 5 modules and pass the final exam to earn the credentials of a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.

1 - Introduction to Cryptocurrency:

Covers the basics of fiat, virtual and cryptocurrencies and the many different types of cryptocurrency; lays the foundation for law enforcement, financial institutions and financial crimes investigators to gain a firm and vital understanding of what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and how it can be used in both legitimate and illicit activities.

2 - The Bitcoin Trail:

Explores the most dominate cryptocurrency, who invented it, and the reasons why and how it is being used; delves into cryptocurrency mining, common criminal schemes where bitcoin is used, and how Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance professionals and law enforcement investigate related criminal activity using advanced analytical tools.

3 - The Dark Web

Provides an overview of the part of the internet commonly used by criminals and their criminal enterprises; students learn of additional crimes where cryptocurrency is involved, how criminals use peer-to-peer exchanges, and little-known real-world investigation tips.

4 - Cryptocurrency and the Criminal Element

Reveals the criminal element of cryptocurrency and how to identify and track the evidence left behind; students are introduced to insights that are crucial to investigators, such as how dark web marketplaces and cryptocurrencies work together and how they translate into the physical world.

5 - Blockchain Forensics

Deepens understanding of the intricacies of blockchain technology and explores analytical tools for investigating crypto crimes; students enhance their ability to identify the proper investigative tactics related to crime involving cryptocurrency and gain understanding of how blockchains work and the pseudo-anonymous nature of cryptocurrency, giving investigators the ability to efficiently and quickly analyze the data to spot illicit activity and/or support criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Promocode: ixfintech for 10% discount

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